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Learn How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation

Learn How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation

You may wish to share your PowerPoint presentations for a variety of reasons. Some of your employees or audience members, for example, may want a copy.

Or maybe you want to reach a larger audience, one that isn't constrained by the four walls of a room or auditorium.

In this article, we will show you eight different methods to share your PowerPoint presentations with your audience, your teams, or even the whole globe!

8 Super Easy Ways to Share Your PowerPoint Presentations

Earlier, sharing your presentation file with someone else used to need physically bringing your computer to that individual. 

Fortunately, thanks to significant advancements in file sharing technologies, emailing and sharing your presentation file is as simple as 1-2-3. Here are eight simple methods to share your PPT file today:

1. Share Through PowerPoint Software

PowerPoint's most recent versions contain a Share button in the top right corner of the ribbon. While the Mac and PC versions of PowerPoint differ, you must still upload the PPT to the "cloud," i.e., OneDrive, SharePoint, or Google Drive.

2. Using USB Stick

Cloud-based file sharing is becoming more popular, and for a good reason! However, you may find yourself shut off from the rest of the world at times; that is, you might find yourself without Internet connectivity. So, what do you do now?

Simply insert a decent USB stick, and your file will be stored and ready to be shared. But, of course, nothing is ever so straightforward, is it?

For example, if you don't pay attention to how you save your file, you can find yourself sweating when you notice your slides don't look the same as when you last saved them. Here's how to ensure that your font is retained regardless of whatever computer you use:

Go to File > Options > Save. Tick the box that reads 'Embed fonts in the file' in the section 'Preserve fidelity while sharing this presentation.' You can then select whether to incorporate simply the characters from the presentation or all of them.

3. Leveraging File Sharing Services

File-sharing services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox are popular these days. Why? Because saving to the "cloud" is inexpensive, and you can access your files from anywhere in the globe with an Internet connection!

Most of these programs include a free trial period, so you won't have to pay anything to get started. If you have a Google account, you will instantly get 15GB for free. OneDrive provides up to 5GB of free storage, whereas DropBox only provides up to 2GB.

4. Uploading Your Presentation to a Slide Hosting Platform

Presentation hosting is just a glorified file-sharing service. This means you can enjoy all of the advantages of file sharing services, plus a whole lot more!

When you post your slides to sites such as SlideShare, Speaker Deck, and iSpring Cloud, you not only receive the opportunity to send shareable links where others can see and download your presentation, but you also get an embed code to add your file to a website or blog!

Some providers will even let you know how many people saw and downloaded your content. You can also solicit direct input from your target audience.

5. Convert the PPT to Video and Upload it on YouTube

If you really want to obtain the maximum views on your PPT presentation, try converting it to video format. What's so appealing about this option is that your PPT will seem just as planned!

This implies that your movie will include all of your fonts, effects, transitions, timings, and even audio narrations. You can then publish your new video on YouTube, the world's second biggest search engine!

So, here's how you convert your PowerPoint presentation to video format:

Go to File > Export > Create a Video and select the settings you want to use for your video.

You can pick between Ultra HD (4K video), Full HD (1080p), HD (720p), and Standard video quality (480p). 

6. Share Your Presentation on Your Website

If you have your own blog or website and want to share your PPT file with your viewers, embed your presentation on your site. There are many approaches you can take. You can submit your file to a slide hosting provider, such as SlideShare, and then create the embed code, which you can then post on your website!

If you post your video to YouTube, you can retrieve your embed code by selecting the 'Share' option located underneath the video. To get the whole code, click on 'Embed.'

7. Using Social Media

Sharing your PPT on social media is the best approach to get the most people to see it. There are several social media platforms available, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest, to mention a few.

Obviously, you can share your work on as many social media channels as you choose. However, depending on the outcomes you desire, you may want to limit it to where your target audience hung out.

Once your work has been posted to the cloud, sharing it with the rest of the world wide web becomes much easier. 

8. Leverage Microsoft’s Office Presentation Service

The Office Presentation Service is a free service that allows PowerPoint users on Windows to easily share their presentations online. Keep in mind that this is just basic service. It doesn't have the functionality that any webinar platform provides, but it's enough for a free service.

All you have to do is go to the 'Slide Show' page and then select 'Present Online.' A dialogue window will appear. You have the option of allowing your audience to download your presentation or not. If you wish them to, click the box that reads, 'Allow remote viewers to download the presentation.' Then press the "Connect" button.

The next step is to copy the link and email it to your target audience.
Wrapping It Up

It takes a long time to create and deliver PowerPoint presentations. If you want to make the most of it, share your presentation with everyone who will benefit from the information you've provided in your slides.

Looking to save more time while creating presentations?

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